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June 7, 2016 by hasheyehosh

Now, I am usually very excited when I rediscover my love for writing and I start to feel this urge to write the most frequently I have ever done before and with more content daily or perhaps hourly!

Honestly, I would rather do a myriad other things than literally write for such a long time, because to me this whole writing thing is something of a tool that I use to capture my thoughts at a particular time and because it requires one to focus on a certain task for an unspecified period of time, it also means that these ideas are captured ‘raw’ and truly portray my emotions and express what exactly was going on in my head at the time.

So in that fashion, I STRONGLY object to any editing of original pieces as in themselves as I  believe that it diminishes the quality of originality to say the least, but also gives an inaccurate depiction of a particular story or expression as intended to have been portrayed.

This is actually a bigger and deeper topic than I had initially thought it to be, so we’re going to have to end it here for now and perhaps resume the next time I happen to ‘rediscover’ my love and passion for literature in general!




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