On and off relationship


June 15, 2019 by hasheyehosh

Here I am again, after several weeks away in hiding as though I had lost all my thoughts and had taken on the persona of the “naked emperor”, so much so that my metaphorical clothes would have been exposed as a meer thin veil not unlike our natural skin – there to provide the illusion of being “covered up” whilst also blatantly exposing the nature in which we were brought into this world, stark naked! – in a futile attempt to disguise the real reality that lies underneath.

In fact, I did have plentiful thoughts inside my head all this time and it’s a real shame to not have been able to share at least some of them. Although, that’s not to say that I can’t or won’t or shan’t share them later or perhaps even right at this very moment.

The fact of the matter is that I (will) always have myriad idea, opinions, views, thoughts, evaluations, analyses, et cetera, but the question of whether that means that they saturate my mind and thus warrant an offloading in the form of a rant or something of the sort to relieve my brain so to speak, is a matter for another jury.

What I can guarantee, however, is that whenever these thoughts present themselves and the urge to write surfaces or even so much as edges forward, I will be on this platform in a heartbeat to let you all know my tuppence (or more)!

As we all know, the B word is still an important issue in today’s political climate since, we did not obviously leave the European Union (EU) as things stand, due to the sheer incompetence of some of the people at the helm of power and politics. This has been viewed by many as a betrayal of the British people by the political class, as characterised by Nigel Farage MEP.

We had local elections a few weeks back in which the two main parties, namely: The Labour Party and The Conservative and Unionists Party, were pummeled by the British electorate for failure to deliver on their arch promises such as leaving the EU by or on the 29th of March 2019, or the 12th of April or the 1st of June or the 30th of June and now seemingly likely the 31st of October, incidentally also known as Halloween Day in some Western cultures. One then cannot blame the public for feeling let down and disoriented by the sluggish pace of the implementation (or lack thereof) of; the result of the 2016 referendum on whether the UK should leave or remain in the EU, and for which the outcome was a clear win by the leave camp with 52% against 48% of the remain camp, a 4% margin, and the highest turnout for a voting exercise in the history of the centuries year-old institution.

Interesting as these developments maybe, including the current Conservative leadership contest with Boris Johnson as the favourite to win alongside probably Jeremy Hunt or some unknown underdog like Rory Stewart, I shan’t digress from the main aim of this piece of writing today, which is to highlight the thing or person(s) that have reinvigorated my enthusiasm for scribbling up another entry after such a long period away from this thing that is mightier than the sword as they say.

I was reading some articles on the worldwide web some hours ago when I decided to click on the Instagram app on my phone to look for some updates and perhaps a break from all the reading, and I came across a post (https://instagram.com/sammyz.stylish?igshid=epmxknuladkz/) that seemed to display a short video of a particular relative of mine, that is involved in the fashion industry and is currently engaged in a degree in the same field under the title: Fashion Promotion and Communication, modelling on the runway. I was curious to see if there was any more of the same from earlier so I visited her homepage and it was there that I saw a link that pointed to a wix.com website.

With even more curiosity, I followed the link and it led me to a blog that I had no idea even existed, but boy, was I glad to land on it, because I discovered somewhat of a new side to a woman I thought I knew one way or another hereunto. I was saturated with more curiosity, almost exactly like the time when I first discovered (got sent) a link to another relative of mine’s (of not so distant age to the one I previously described) blog and again when she recently wrote another article and listed it also on her Instagram page (https://instagram.com/prettypreciousblair?igshid=5bxo76qi5v9e) under the bio section (https://mindofaugandangirl.wordpress.com/2019/06/09/of-holidays-and-depression/)

The two events are unrelated but connected and with that in mind you’re beginning to understand and appreciate the state of mind I was in to behold these articles.

I quickly scrolled down to see what else lay ahead and there was simply more and blogposts until I reached the bottom of the webpage, read from the first article about why and when she started blogging and the connection that had to the degree she’s pursuing, to when I reached a post that stopped me in my tracks. I came across a post about Blackface. I read said post with heightened interest and I was both intrigued and educated the more I divulged this post, which is how after reading the entire post I saw a helpfully placed reference link on further reading by an American university known as Ferris State University, MI, documenting in detail the story of how blackface came to be, and – building on the introduction by the blogger on whose page I found the article link describing briefly the damaging impact of such acts of pure ignorance, harm, hate, prejudice and all manner of ill thought towards the black race – explaining just how offensive the caricatures represented in today’s brushed off insulting events are.

The author of the original blog which can be found here (https://sammyzstylish.wix.com/mysite/blog/) was able to set up the reader for this brilliant piece of educational article that shines light on the dark horrors of racism and explained how they are rooted in and connected directly to the slavery that the black race underwent else and in the United States of America in the 19th century, all through to the 20th and sadly the racism still exists in this century as do the caricatures and their persistence in the public domain as aided by the media. She goes on to argue that indeed it was slavery itself that caused racism in the form that we recognise it today, and the Ferris State University Professor of Sociology (2000), Dr David Pilgrim makes a commendable contribution towards exposing the Coon, Bucks vs Tom, Mammies and Sambos caricatures, which were still relied upon by the whites predominantly up until the late 1900s.

There is so much to read in that article and I’ll leave the link here (https://www.ferris.edu/jimcrow/coon/ ) for you to do that for yourself, but I am sure all the time spent reading any one of the articles on either Instagram accounts or the resources I have embedded will be well spent and rewarding, don’t believe me? Well prove me wrong!

I do have to sign out here for now, and yes, I know how many times you’ve probably seen that line before somewhere but the truth is that I will be back more times than Arnold himself!

Thanks for your time.


One thought on “On and off relationship

  1. Interesting read. P.S. thank you for the plug

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